Our cleaning is customized to fit your needs.
Our 35 step Magic Touch cleaning process :
Clean, scrub and sanitize showers
Clean, scrub and sanitize bathtubs
Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks
Clean and sanitize vanities 
Clean and sanitize backsplashes
Clean and sanitize toilets
Clean mirrors
Wash floors 
Wash tile walls
Wipe down outside cabinets, drawers and cabinet faces
Cobwebs removed
Empty trash
Clean appliances
Clean counters
Wipe down outside cabinets, drawers and cabinet faces 
Wipe down table and chairs
Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks
Clean and sanitize counter
Clean the range top and exterior
Clean microwave oven inside and out
Empty trash
Remove cobwebs
Dust walls, ceiling fans, wall ornaments and mini-blinds
Dust air vents, window sills, chair rails and baseboards
Clean outside of all appliances
Vacuum and wash kitchen floor
ALL ROOMS:                                                                   
Dust picture frames
Dust knickknacks, lamps, picture frames, furniture
Dust ceiling fans
Clean baseboards
Remove cobwebs
Vacuum carpets. Wash all floors and dry wood floors
Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets
Dust window sills
Refrigerator cleaning
Cabinet cleaning
Furniture Treatment 
Changing linens
Wipe down plastic plants
Vacuum sofa
Sweep front porch
and more...
**** Please note that not all items are regular cleaning items and need to be discussed and requested before scheduling.